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Recent Blog Posts

My Favourite Netflix Shows

Netflix is a great place to watch TV shows and movies. I hope that most people reading this have Netflix or are looking to get it. If you do not have Netflix be warned you may become jealous of these recommendations I give to you. 

What I’ve Learned from 2020

The year 2020 has been rough for all of us but we can all reflect that we have learned a few things. 

Why Study Philosophy?

When you study Philosophy you realize that it is so eye-opening that it shows you just how unique you are and realize everyone interprets their opinions in a different way. 

My Favourite Books as of 2020

Some of these books are my favourite from my childhood that bring me nostalgia when I re-read them or some of my friends recommended me and I instantly fell in love. Regardless of where they originated these are my all-time favourites. 

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