Grade 12 University English Should be Required for University!

Grade 12 University level English is required for every university in Ontario. It is necessary to be accepted in University to have this English credit to help prepare the students for the institution they will be attending the following year. The Ontario curriculum requires all students to take Grade 12 University level if attending university.

I believe that Grade 12 English should be a requirement because it allows students to become better writers. For example teachers make us write essays because we have to learn how to prove our points by coming up with thesis statements with facts. By understanding the facts we analyze books and find themes that relate to real world situations. English helps us know how to find these connections to apply them into their arguments when communicating with each other and in our essays.

English allows students to become better communicators by writing essays and becoming more formal in our writing. This formal writing is vital because in university you will have to write a lot of papers. Despite what program you are taking, you will have to write. For example scientific reports, literature reports, literary essays, lab reports and so many more. You will already be prepared on how to write a formal paper once you get to university! Even in the simplest of sending emails to people you want to sound sophisticated in your writing and be clear with your word choices.

English is a great way to learn about many different cultures from around the world. There are so many different subjects to choose from and learn about. By learning about different cultures we can broaden our knowledge about opinions, beliefs, and religion to learn more about each other. English class helps us be more appreciative of differences people have about themselves. Having English also allows us to connect literary works to real world issues that might be occurring in everyday life. Most author’s do write about past experiences because they have a lot of knowledge in the event that has taken place.  A great example of this is Anne Frank‘s diary she wrote during World War 2. Even though she did not intend it to be published she gave us an insight of what it would have been like for a Jewish family living in the War.

Overall, I believe that English is a vital part of a student’s learning about becoming better writers, a good communicator, and learning more about the world around us. 

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