Serial Podcast: Is Adnan Syed Guilty?

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In the podcast Serial the main focus is did Adnan Syed guilty of killing his ex-girlfriend Hae Min Lee?

I think that Adnan Syed is not guilty of killing Hae. One important factor is that there is no physical evidence of any fingerprints leading him to the crime. Also, that Adnan was a good student in school, and was part of the school community by being a part of the school track team. Adnan was even voted as Prom King by his peers. In my opinion, that does not sound like a kid who would kill someone. Sarah Koenig even describes Adnan has a “dairy cow” because of his large eyes and she also states “that’s what prompts my most idiotic lines of inquiry. Could someone who looks like that really kill someone?” Sarah Koeing does reveal a opinion bias by talking about that he was sad when Hae broke up with him. However, Adnan and Hae remained friends and he was not mad at her for breaking up.

In this people map it shows eveyone that is connected to Adnan and the main points of what they saw on January 13 1999. There is a mixture of good an bad things in this map. For example, some people saw Adnan talking to Hae about getting a ride home from her and others say that they met up at a house and that Adnan was acting strangely.

Jay is the only witness that can prove that Adnan is guilty. Jay’s story was the story that the court told to make Adnan guilty of murdering Hae . I believe that Jay is lying because his story keeps changing after he is being interviewed 4 different times. Your story would stay the same if you are telling the truth because you know the facts of a story. Jay must be lying and can not keep track of what he has said to the detectives. If anyone killed Hae my best guess is Jay.

I also believe Asia’s story that she did see Adnan in the library on January 13. I think it is hypocritical that the court says that they need at least 2 witnesses to prove that Adnan is innocent but the detectives believe in Jay’s changing story. I also think that it is unfair that no lawyers made the attempt to meet with Asia and explain about what she saw on Hae’s last day alive.

Why I Chose To Do a Blog Post

I chose to do a blog post for many reasons. One of them being the use of subheadings becuase I like how it provides the post with a more organized look when the reader’s are reading the article. My favourite things to add are hyperlinks they are useful in blog posts because they provide more information that the I might not inlcude because it might distract from the main idea of what I am trying to say in my post. Images give readers a great visualization to make the reader feel as if they are actually living in the post.

In my opinion, most appropriate way to credit sources is a Works Cited page and links. A Works Cited page will allow me to gve credit to other people’s ideas I use in my work. The links will allow me to put them into hyperlinks to give the readers more of an explanation if I do not include it in the article.

Blogs give a deeper understanding by all the hyperlinks that let readers explore sub-topics that I may not want to read about because it will distract from the main idea. A podcast is only an audio tht has some sound effects but you have to listen carefully to understand all the details or else you may miss somthing. However, the audio makes people feel as of they are having a conversation with the speaker.

Works Cited

Koenig, Sarah. “Serial.” Season 1, episode 1.

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