10 Random Facts About Me!

Fact 1~ I don’t like Thursdays, I always tend to have bad luck on them. It probably started when I did Kumon. Kumon is a Math and Reading Program that kids learn through worksheets they complete at home and the Kumon Centre. Thursdays were the one night I went to the centre and I sometimes stayed there for more than an hour because I didn’t understand what I was trying to solve.

The second reasonI don’t like Thursdays is because I failed the Bronze Medallion course. The Bronze Medallion is the first course in becoming a Canadian Lifeguard. Failing the Bronze Medallion really hurt me because I thought I knew what I was doing during the exam but I got paired up with a bad partner and my instructor was not the best. However, I got over my fear of failure and currently have my Bronze Medallion Certification.

Fact 2~ At my elementary school in grade 7 and 8 I made the girls softball team. I was very proud of myself because there were tryouts. I remember practicing with my brothers and dad in preparation for tryouts. My school did not win many games but the experience was so much fun, also I got closer with some of my peers.

Fact 3~ I have 3 pets, 1 dog and 2 cats. My dog’s name is Milo. Milo is a goldendoodle and only 5 months old. He is full of energy and constantly getting into mischief. My 2 cats are unintentionally named after Harry Potter characters, Harry and Ginny. Harry is an orange tabby cat who enjoys annoying Ginny to the point she hisses at Harry. Ginny is a calico cat that likes to mind her own business and occasionally cuddle with me.

Fact 4~ I like ginger ale. Ginger ale is my pop of choice because it is so refreshing to me. I know it is also known to sooth sore throats and stomach aches but I will simply drink it even if I don’t feel sick.

Fact 5~ I have always wanted to swim on a competitive swim team. I have always liked swimming so when I entered grade 9 I noticed my school had a swim team. I immediately joined. At first I was a little intimidated because I didn’t know anyone in my grade on the team. However, as I kept going to practices I got to know some of the grade 11s and even became good friends with them as the season went on. I have made great friends from being on the swim team and encouraged some of my friends to join it too.

Fact 6~ For post-secondary and my dream job I hope to be in the tourism industry. I think I want to work on a cruise ship or a hotel, I still have lots of time to figure out.

Fact 7~ I like watching musical plays with my mom. My mom and I have seen so many musicals such as Guys and Dolls , The Phantom of the Opera , Les Miserables and much more. We were also supposed to see the iconic Hamilton play in Toronto but sadly they cancelled it due to the Coronavirus. We both have travelled much of Southwestern Ontario to see various plays. My mom’s favourite musical is Les Miserables and mine is Mamma Mia.

Fact 8~ So far in my life I have been to 2 music concerts and they have both been amazing experiences. My first concert was a couple days before my first ever day of high school. It was a U2 concert in Detriot at Ford Field and I went with my dad, who is a huge U2 fan and my older brother, Jack. It was an amazing concert the stage was filled with huge graphics and it was so loud I had to wear earplus but I didn’t care. I loved each and every they performed and it truly was one-of-a-kind experience I hope to explore again.

The second concert I went to was a Rex Orange County concert. Rex is a smaller music and not as well known but still one of my favourite singers. I really like his music style, he is an alternative artist and a little bit indie which I love. This concert took place in Toronto and I went with one of my good friends at the end of January 2020. We finished our exams the day before the concert so it was our reward after a stressful semester. I can’t wait to see more concerts in the future with more of my friends!

Fact 9~ Sometime in my life I want to publish a book hopefully a novel. I have some ideas that would like to write about but nothing official yet.

Fact 10~ I have a YouTube channel. I enjoy creating videos so I decided create a channel to show people my videos. Here is the link to my channel if you are interested, click here to see my channel. I try to upload once a week, comment in the comments if you have any suggestions of what videos you’d like to see from me.

5 thoughts on “10 Random Facts About Me!

  1. I was raised on musicals- through live shows and movies.

    My mom and I did have a couple of theater dates: Wicked, Phantom of the Opera, Pippin, Les Mis (West End), Oklahoma, Aladdin, and Les Mis (US Tour). In total, I have seen Les Mis six times and Wicked four times.

    Of course there are other musicals I saw- just weren’t dates with my mom: Newsies, Sound of Music, Annie, Lion King, Grease, Godspell, Rent, Mamma Mia, Music Man, Fiddler on the Roof.

    I was supposed to see Frozen this year, but the pandemic happened. I was trying to get tickets for Anastasia. Both musicals postponed. Will have to wait for those shows to tour again.

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      1. I was only 12 when I first saw Wicked- that was 14 yrs ago. I saw the musical on Broadway in 2006. Wicked did spark my love for musicals, but eventually Les Mis would turn that love into more of a passion

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