Amazing Experiences in Newport Beach

Newport Beach, California

Everyone wants to have a picture-perfect vacation spot where they can depend on it to have a great time. One vacation spot I can always depend on is California. California is one of the most popular tourist destinations in the world. Tens of millions people visit each year to explore the many wonders that California offers. Newport Beach is one of most well known beaches in California due to its wide variety of amenities. Newport Beach is the perfect vacation destination because of the ideal weather, unique attractions, and luxurious food. 

The first time I went to Newport Beach was in August 2017 and the weather was great! It was not too hot, which is what I expected it to be. When I woke up in the mornings the air was as cool as a cucumber which was so nice because my parents and I could walk on the beach without sweating. This shows that we were comfortable with the temperature of the weather that occurred and didn’t have to worry about cooling off at the hotel. In the early afternoons the sun was smiling warmly down on me but it wasn’t hot in the slightest bit.  Occasionally, the wind danced around me which made the air slightly cooler. I found that the warm weather was manageable even without the wind. I argue that the weather is the perfect mixture of hot and cold and I believe it is perfect for any vacation spot. A couple days later it rained for the first time and it had only lasted a few hours. Also, the rain only had a light shower so the roads and sand wasn’t as wet as an otter. I had heard that California had the perfect weather but I didn’t convince myself until I actually experienced it for myself when I travelled to Newport Beach. 

I found that Newport Beach has very distinct attractions compared to other places that I have been to. My favourite attraction to see was the beach. The bright blue water entranced into wanting me to dive in and explore wonders underneath the surface. Newport Beach is one of the few places I have been that has a beach access within walking distance, so it really is one of a kind place. My favourite tourist attraction was a surreal experience, which was a whale watching tour. The boat raced along the Pacific Ocean and we got to see whales surface the water. The whales took a breath and dove back into the water. My jaw must’ve dropped to the ocean floor because I was in such awe by being able to see whales swim in the ocean. This experience was amazing because I’d never seen whales in their natural habitat which makes whale watching so incredibly different to observe in Newport. Lastly, my all time favourite place is the Balboa Peninsula. The Balboa Peninsula is a stretch of leg of land that comes out in front of the mainland. My favourite place on the Peninsula is the Balboa Pier. When I walked on the Pier I felt as if I was floating across the ocean. The view was unbelievable, I could see the long stretch of sand that belonged to the beach and the cityscape of Newport. We stayed and watched the sunset which was stunning with the golden sun lighting up the dusk sky. I had never experienced anything like the Balboa Pier, it truly is one of a kind experience that nowhere else offers extraordinary sights. 

The food in Newport Beach is so diverse, from the upscale restaurants to the expensive grocery stores. The first grocery store I went into was called Bristol Farms. I was astonished how pretty the interior design was. The whole store was decorated like a barn but it had a more contemporary feel with the fridges and ovens that held food. I was shocked when I saw that a tub of ice cream cost $14! The prices of the food made me think that food must be pretty darn good if grocery stores are able to make money for people buying ice cream. I discovered one of my favourite meals in Newport which is avocado toast. One morning I was having breakfast at the hotel and my mom suggested that I should try this green blob placed on a piece of toast. I took a bite and my taste buds exploded, the green stuff was incredibly smooth and even a little salty. I was in a trance by how avocados could taste so good. From that day on, avocados spoke to me and said that somehow I must have them incorporated with every meal. Everytime after I saw that they were presented a little differently from the last time. Some were mashed up to create a paste, some were in perfect little cubes, and some were sliced into C shapes. All of these avocado presentations made me realize that they can be put into any meal to make the dish more exquisite. 

Newport Beach is a great place to go for a vacation. Newport Beach is made for vacationing due to the moderate weather, uncommon tourist attractions, and delicious foods. I believe that the weather in California is unlike any other because it has such moderate temperatures that everyone will enjoy. The attractions Newport Beach has to offer are so different from anywhere else that you will be sure to find something you will enjoy. Lastly, the food in Newport is fresh and you know you are getting good quality food when eating out at high end restaurants. Newport Beach California is truly a wonderful place that I enjoy and can always count on to have more amazing experiences. 

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