Why Study Philosophy?

Philosophy comes from the Greek word philosophia which translates to “love of wisdom”.

I chose to take Grade 12 Philosophy Questions and Theories because I enjoyed the class I took last year called Introduction to Sociology, Anthropology, and Psychology. I was also curious to learn more about the Social Sciences. 

One reason I think you should take a Philosophy course is to discover yourself. Through Philosophy you will be able to explore what your values and beliefs are, that are important to you. When you study Philosophy you realize that it is so eye-opening that it shows you just how unique you are and realize everyone interprets their opinions in a different way. Philosophy is a great way for discovering what life decisions really matter to you and it impacts the decisions you make now that make you the person tomorrow.

Another reason to study Philosophy is it will help you argue respectfully and how to agree-to-disagree with other opinions that you do not agree with. Anything is possible in Philosophy because it is discovering your own beliefs and applying them to theories and questions about the world we live in and came from.

Philosophy is a large part of discovering how you want to live and what fantasies you may wish to happen in your life you live in. You are the main character in your life and YOU choose what happens to you and studying Philosophy can help you with bumps on the way. 

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