What I’ve Learned From 2020

The year 2020 has been rough for all of us but we can all reflect that we have learned a few things. 

The first thing I learned was how to deal with the fear of missing out. As well all know that COVID hit and we were all quarantined for some time. In the summer a lot of my friends were hanging out and I was upset that I couldn’t hang out with them. My parents are very conscientious about me hanging with people because they do not want the virus. I respected this and eventually started watching a lot of Netflix shows and enjoyed sleeping in. Even in July I chose to do summer school to get English out of the way so I can focus on my other courses. I got used to hanging out at home so often that it doesn’t even phase me anymore. 

The second thing I learned from this pandemic is that I’ve been more grateful for the small things. Like I mentioned earlier I was quarantined with my family a lot throughout the summer. I remember being excited waking up early to go to the grocery store and getting my favourite snacks with my mom. Another one is one is enjoying practicing driving with my dad. I would drive and we’d eventually wind up in a town we’ve never been to before. I looked forward to doing these ac tivities because they got me out of my house for a little bit, that I was kind of tired of. 

The third thing I learned was how to stay more motivated. In August I realized how much more free time I had on my hands. I wasn’t allowed to hang out with my friends and I was constantly on some sort of technology. I noticed that this wasn’t healthy and unproductive. I’ve always been the girl constantly trying to stay busy by doing something new and exciting. So I turned it around by trying to set goals for myself everyday and plan out what I wanted to do. This made me more organized and more in tune with myself. I still make lists to stay organized with all my schoolwork.

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